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Project: HOPE is a non-profit organization, established to serve the low-income community in areas where the government is unable to reach.

We are dedicated to serving the community by providing the following services:

• Hunger and Poverty Eradication 
• Food, School Supplies and Clothes Distribution

• Food Stamp (SNAP) Referral and Pre-Screening
• Counseling and mentoring services
• Computer & EFL Training  

Project Hope was born out of a passion to bridge the gap, empower and transform the lives of people in the underserved Jamaica, New York Community as we facilitate personal empowerment by providing resources to those who have need of an on-going support through difficult circumstances.

Our Work

Our non-profit work extends assistance to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background.

Project Hope Charities Inc. is a relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.

How We Serve

Relationships are the starting point and the end goal of Project Hope Charities Inc. Through relationships with community leaders our staff helps communities set goals that families can achieve by working together.

By our demonstration of love through our work, we hope that people will experience life in all its fullness. Our project targets people in need; researching and designing programs to solve that need while helping the individual navigate through the process of change. Project Hope will establish a consolidation of various groups, forming a nucleus surrounding the individuals to expose them to the availability of resources, to aid them to develop objectives and meet their goals; to assist them in meeting the demands and expectations for a good life. Our goal is to suffice where the governments are unable.


With only four paid full time staff, 2 part time and over 25 volunteers, PHC has accomplished a lot in the years we have been active.

1.       In 2018 alone, we have distributed over One Million Pounds (1,000,000 lbs) to persons in need.

2.       We have supplied food to over 120,000 individuals in need through our Food Pantry

3.       We have impacted the lives of over 2000 persons in need in third wor1d countries through our Medical Missions.

4.       We have provided toys and school supplies to over 1000 children through our Back to School Giveaways and Children Christmas Party.

5.       We have distributed over 1200 coats through our Annual Coat Drive.

6.       We have provided food, school supplies and baby clothes for over 700 persons living in homeless shelters through our Homeless Center Outreach

7.       We have also provided free tax services to over 100 persons and SNAP (Food Stamp) & Other Referral Services to over 500 persons.

8.       We have assisted over 1000 persons through our Annual Health Fair

The numbers do not lie. PHC has had an extremely positive impact on this community since its inception. We are capable of doing so much more but the resources are limited. You can help us make a difference.

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